2 Kung-Futastic Facebook Page Timeline Update Articles

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Facebook Timeline update for pages. Whoo-ee. Watch out.

Ol’ Zucky-Zuck likes to shake us up every so often. More times the not, it sort of feels like a gentle nudge. This one was more like a flying tiger fist from Bolo Yeung (he was the dude Van Damm fought in Bloodsport and pictured above).

Zuck’s flying tiger fist was no match for the social biz world though. If you haven’t dug in yet, everyone and their dad published an update on how to navigate the changes. And that made it real hard to find a couple good ones.

I think I did it though. In fact, one of the updates (Nate’s) is like an update rolled into a delicious burrito of updates.

Enough from me. Read on!


28 Things You Need To Know About The New Facebook Pages by KissMetrics

I haven’t even got all the way through this one yet. It is chock-full-o’ Facebook pages update goodness. No need to tell you much about it here except that it’s pretty much the only update guide you’ll need.

Read the full article here >>


Facebook Timeline: Rethinking Community Management In Light of New Features by Nate Riggs

Amidst all the reporting on updates, Nate actually did some analysis regarding what this all means for managing your community of fans. This article was actually Part 2 in a series dedicated to updating you on the new Facebook Timeline changes.

My favorite tip so far is the pinning of new posts. Particularly because I’ve heard a few people complain that their facebook fans cannot visually make sense of the layout, ¬†causing posts to get lost and lose comments.

And, for some, it has all led to an early decrease in interactions.

It seems that pinning new posts could be the answer to that.¬†Enough from me though. Get all of Nate’s Facebook Page mastery at the link below.

Read the full article here >>


I have an idea.

Maybe you can be the first one ever to contribute a link in the comments below?

Aside from the official update from Facebook, did you find Facebook Timeline Update article that was helpful?

(I know. I try this every week. Maybe this week will be different. *closes eyes* *prays*)